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Reward for legal services provided to clients is set in compliance with the advocacy act and advocate´s tariff. According to the nature of provided legal service, the reward is negotiated with clients in the following ways:


reward for attorney´s services is determined by the number of acts of legal service that the attorney performs for his client in a particular case

(fixed amount per act is set directly by the advocate´s tariff according to the nature of the case)


reward for attorney´s services is determined by the number of hours that the attorney actually spend while working on the client´s case


reward for attorney´s services is negotiated with a fixed amount for complete settlement of the case, the amount of which is concluded with the client during the takeover of the representation

  1. lump reward could be negotiated especially in cases in which it is possible to predict the whole extent of the attorney´s activities in advance – for example in commercial law when establishing a company Ltd., public service companies and foundations, or in the area of civil and family law for an agreed property settlement of spouses.
  2. monthly lump reward – for a fixed amount, which extent will be determined on an individual agreement, the client is provided with a complete legal service according to his/her requirements.

For the most commonly used hourly reward hourly rates is applied, usually in the range from 2.000 CZK to 3.500 CZK. In the case of foreign subjects it is converted to the euro.

Using the hourly rate is based on the overall factual and time demands of the case, using the foreign language or law, whether the client requires a permanent representation in all matters or representation in individual cases, possibly whether the legal service will be provided at the seat of the law office or the time-consuming tasks out of the office are expected, whether it will be a team legal service, etc.

Spent cash expenses and VAT at the statutory level will be added to all kinds of rewards.

The contract is concluded on the client´s requested legal service, where the relevant kind of reward is chosen and there is also implemented its specification. Usually giving the relevant deposit for the provided legal services is required.