česky | english
  • processing, commenting and reviewing of civil law contracts (contract of purchase, deed of donation, security agreement, lease and sublease contract, contract on lease of non-residential spaces, contract for work, contract for constitution of easement, etc.)

  • processing of actions and representation in legal disputes

  • providing of complete legal services in the area of ownership, co - ownership, community property, neighbourly relations, damages and unjust enrichment, legal capacity and personal rights (protection of life and health, civic honour and human dignity)

  • representation in an inheritance proceedings

  • solution of tenancy relations, rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, including the issue of termination of tenancies

  • complete legal services in divorce proceedings, including the modification of relations to minors and settlement of mutual property relations of the spouses

  • modification of the maintenance obligation, including the recovery of outstanding maintenance

  • preparation of premarital agreements and change of community property extent during marriage